IMBP at a glance

bioreactor imbpIMBP S.A. is specialised in the production of bacterial concentrations in the form of pure cultures and the formulation of these strains for environmental applications.

Our products are stabilised biological starters intended for professionals in the field of biological treatment of industrial waste water and domestic sewage as well as recreational waters. They are also used for the bioremediation of contaminated soils and in cleaning/maintenance products.

Your Partner

The scientific and technical resources at our disposal also make IMBP the partner of choice in R&D projects that favorise innovation at all levels of TRL (Technology Readiness Level).


Our structure allows us to implement high-quality skills in original and very specific projects entrusted to us by our B2B partners. Our company structure is in line with our mission: to provide our trading partners with high-quality services and support tailored to each client in most environmental biotechnology projects, and to contribute to the integration of microbial agents into their technology as effectively as possible.


IMBP is a spin-off created in 2002 within the Biotechnology Unit of Meurice R&D. This status, together with its incorporation into a research centre of 50 specialists, means that IMBP can benefit from the skills of several researchers in the fields of fundamental and applied microbiology as well as in the area of bioprocesses.

Board of directors

The company’s board of directors is mainly made up of bioengineers, biotechnologists, and specialists in environmental technology, but also representatives of the business world.