Products & Services

water treatment plant basinIMBP offers a wide range of standard products in the form of stabilised bacterial consortia with a broad spectrum of hydrolytic enzymatic activities (lipolytic, amylolytic, cellulolytic, and proteolytic activity, among others) for organic matter degradation.

Our products, available in the form of bacterial concentrations (powders or liquids), are designed to be modified by our clients for industrial or domestic use. These standard solutions can be used for the treatment of septic tanks, small water treatment plants, grease traps, and more.

Our company also provides customised products made up of vegetative cells and spores formulations ensuring targeted catabolic activity. These products, developed on demand, are used for the degradation of various xenobiotic pollutants and removing nitrogen from ponds. They are also used in aquaculture, among other purposes.

bactery legionella flagellaCell immobilization by encapsulation, which provides several opportunities for developments (stabilization, controlled release, high cell density), is one of our expertises. The technology can be used to optimise various processes (such as microencapsulation) thanks to advanced equipment.